Rockin’ Rhythms Camp


Bucket drums.

Toe-tapping rhythms.

Big smiles.

Creative energy.

Lots of fun games.

The thrill of making music in a group.

These are all things you can expect from participating in the Rockin’ Rhythms music camp!

Before and After

The majority of music students are weak when it comes to rhythm.

When you start to learn how to read music, learning how to play the correct rhythm is often overshadowed by learning to play the right notes. By the time you are confident with your note reading skills, your rhythm skills are way behind and often cause stress and anxiety when you begin a new piece of music.

Rockin’ Rhythms removes all of the stress and anxiety and replaces it with confidence and excitement!

So if playing the correct rhythm is something that you observe your child struggling with, this bucket drummin’, cup tappin’ camp will get them super excited about rhythm!

Plenty of fun games and activities every day will turn your child into a Master Rhythm Decoder. They’ll never be afraid of crazy rhythms again!

Camp will conclude with an ensemble performance for family and friends.


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What people are saying about Rockin’ Rhythms Camp

My kids had a blast at camp! They learned so much without even knowing it.  Mindy has a talent for making things fun and educational at the same time. They loved the mini concert at the end, where they could show off their new skills.

Melinda Ellingson


My daughter really loved camp!  She has since been been tapping out rhythms with chopsticks, etc. at the dinner table 🙂  You always have creative and fun ways to grow their music skills.

Jenny Schuchmann

When? Where?

The Rockin’ Rhythms Camp will be held for two different sessions.

Session One will be held June 18th-22nd from 9:30-11:30 a.m. (FULL)

Session Two will be held June 25th-29th from 2:00-4:00 p.m. (FULL)

Limit 6 per camp. Ages 6-14.

Tuition is $75.

Camp will be held in my home studio (13104 Rochester Lane, Austin, TX 78753).

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