Pyramid Explorers

for young beginners ages 4-8

Learn more about our unique approach to introducing your child to music basics


Give Your Child a Solid Music Foundation

Group classes for Pyramid Explorers provide a weekly opportunity for students to delve into piano basics at age-appropriate levels.

Our approach to teaching music basics to young beginners follows the model for language acquisition: exposure, labeling, speaking, and reading.

Pyramid Explorers ages 4-5 focus on exploration and exposure. Concepts are taught broadly and applied in easy-to-digest amounts of playing.

Pyramid Explorers ages 5-6 expand on the previous level, while labeling concepts and challenging students to play with more fingers on more notes than in the previous level.

Pyramid Explorers ages 6-7 begin the motions of reading music but do so through pattern analysis, memorization, and tracking music scores away from the piano.

Pyramid Explorers ages 7-8 start with the beginning stages of note reading in earnest as they prepare to join the Pyramid Pianists when they have completed this year.

Practice is encouraged in small, age-appropriate doses. It is more important that students establish consistency with brief 3-5 minute practice sessions 3-4 days a week at this stage than to try to engage in 30-minute practice sessions.

Each Pyramid Explorer level aims to ultimately help the student to be independent at the piano. They don’t move up to the next level until they are able to execute tasks on their own.


How is class time structured?

Classes take place during the school year and are divided into eight 4-week units.

Each unit explores a different musical concept, like rhythm, pitch, or finger numbers. Three of the weekly lessons develop and build skills on that topic, with one new song each week to work on.

Each class provides the Pyramid Explorers with opportunities to learn how to sing on pitch, learn how to keep a steady beat, learn how to play by rote–and there are lots of opportunities to practice following directions.

Parents are encouraged to join their Pyramid Explorer in the last ten minutes of each weekly class so they can know what to help with at home.

The fourth week of each unit is an interactive music-making event called a Musical Celebration. Families are invited to join for the entire class time. We begin by learning about the lives of different musicians from marginalized populations, and conclude with opportunities to connect through music and create cherished memories with your child at the piano.

We celebrate music, learning, and growth in the most delightful way possible!

How much does it cost?

Tuition is $120 a month with a $75 registration fee that covers music and materials for the school year.

Classes begin in August and run through May. You may join a class anytime there is an opening that works for you!

Um, I don’t have a piano…is that a problem?

As your child begins their study of the piano, it is not essential for them to have a piano at home. However, as the year goes on, they will likely start asking for an instrument to play at home. It is fun for them to be able to show off their new skills and their confidence will grow the more they are able to practice those skills.


Understandably, you don’t want to make an investment in an instrument if your child isn’t going to be interested in it long-term. Fortunately, there are local programs in town that will rent instruments to you prior to any decision to purchase.


If you don’t have an instrument at home and you would like one, let’s chat. I can point you in the direction of several affordable options.


What people are saying about Music Classes

“My daughter loves Miss Mindy. She learns a lot each week and always looks forward to the class. Mindy loves each of the kids she works with and I think she gets the best out of them because of that! We would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Leah Borg

“My daughter has loved every minute and she is learning so quickly!”

Emily Eldredge

My daughter loves the class and says that music is her favorite activity. I love that she is learning so much and building a solid foundation for her future academic and music success. Mindy does all of this in a fun, active and engaging environment; I am beyond happy with the class!

Christie Tiemann

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