Preschool Music Classes

If you’re interested in a tried and true way to get your child so ready for formal piano lessons that their first experience on a piano bench is a pleasure and a delight, read on.


Give Your Child a Solid Music Foundation

Piano lessons for new beginners can be pretty overwhelming.

In just the first few months, new students have to learn:

  • how to navigate the pattern of the keyboard
  • how to determine when a note goes up or goes down
  • how to make loud and soft sounds
  • how to play quickly and how to play slowly
  • how long to hold a note
  • how to number their fingers, and
  • how to navigate different rhythms.

And often, all of this foundation needs to be in place before a student is even able to play a song successfully!

In these weekly preschool classes, I purposely bypass the overwhelm and give your child a solid music base that will guarantee that they will be more than ready to begin formal lessons by the time they start kindergarten.

I take all of the concepts found in the early stages of piano lessons and teach them through games, music, and movement…all of the activities that preschoolers love.

The best part is that these kids don’t stress out about learning music. It is fun and enjoyable and they happily come to class each week!



Choose from two classes!

Tiny Fingers


(for kiddos entering Kindergarten in the fall of 2025)


Mini Musicians


(for kiddos entering Kindergarten in the fall of 2024)


Mondays 4:20-5:00

How much does it cost?

Tuition is $120 a month with a $75 annual registration fee. Classes begin in August 2023.

Um, I don’t have a piano…is that a problem?

No piano, no problem! Tiny Fingers and Mini Musicians are both designed to be no- to low-practice classes.

We will begin some of the basics of learning how to play AT the piano, but working on these skills during class time will give your child all of the practice they need. Even without an instrument at home, you can rest assured that your child is getting all of the music fundamentals that will set them up for success in learning any instrument!

If you don’t have an instrument at home and you would like one, let’s chat. I can point you in the direction of several affordable options.


What people are saying about Preschool Music Classes

“My daughter loves Miss Mindy and her preschool music class. She learns a lot each week and always looks forward to their class. Mindy loves each of the kids she works with and I think she gets the best out of them because of that! We would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Leah Borg

“My daughter has loved every minute and she is learning so quickly!”

Emily Eldredge

My daughter loves the class and says that music is her favorite activity. I love that she is learning so much and building a solid foundation for her future academic and music success. Mindy does all of this in a fun, active and engaging environment; I am beyond happy with the class!

Christie Tiemann

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