Austin Piano Lessons for Adults

Adults find more balance in their lives when they take time to do something just for them.

Have you always wanted to learn to play the piano?

Would you like to learn without stress or frustration?

Join one of our adult classes and discover just how easy and enjoyable it can be to make music!


Piano Classes for Adults

Have you ever attended a group exercise class? Do you remember when the instructor explained that you could follow along at one of three different levels, depending on your ability or desire? You could march in place, jog in place, or jog with high knees. You could get whatever you wanted out of your workout.

Piano classes for adults are a lot like that.

Adult classes promote friendships and camaraderie as the group makes music together. We learn new concepts together, but everyone gets to employ them at the level they are on that day.

There are no requirements to practice. There are no requirements for mastery.

You can simply come to class and work on your skills, wherever you are. You will find class time to be relaxing and rejuvenating because as a group, the part each person offers that day contributes to the whole. Playing in an ensemble is thrilling!

A dream come true! I had always wanted to play and now I do! When I tell people I play piano or I have to go to piano lessons, they can’t believe that I’m doing this. They are not only surprised, but somewhat envious. They usually say, ‘I’ve always wanted to learn.’ And I tell them you can!
Belinda Aguilar

age 50 (3 years in lessons)

When, Where, and How Much?

How much are Piano Lessons for Adults?

Each 8-week session is $215.

When are Adult Piano Classes?

Adult piano classes are held during daytime hours (perfect for lunch break) and evenings.

All piano lessons for adults are held at our home studio in Northeast Austin.

Save Your Spot in an Adult Piano Class

Classes fill quickly and are available on a first come, first served basis.

Register today to begin your musical journey.

I have always wanted to play the piano since I was a little girl–wasn’t able to. Three years ago, my husband said, ‘Go for it!’ I did and it is exciting to play songs now at my speed. It is very relaxing. I enjoy playing for me. It is surprising, too, since I have no musical talent naturally.

Barbara Moser

age 55 (3 years in lessons)

What Skills Will I Be Learning?

While you are learning how to read notes, you will also be learning how to read lead lines and how to use chord-based playing.

You’ll learn how to vamp and you’ll learn how to improvise.

You will be able to play plenty of songs from various genres without music as you build your note-reading muscles.


Class Structure

Classes are taught in 8-week sessions.

Every adult class uses the Piano Pyramid curriculum, which are songs written for five different levels of players. Each level can stand alone as a solo, but when all five levels are played together, it’s nothing short of magic! 

Each session will work on two or three different songs as ensembles over the eight weeks. Students who commit to regular practice can choose to supplement their learning with solo pieces during the session. Each class is comprised of technical work, theory games, improvisation, and ensemble playing.

Every adult class is made up of varying abilities and skill sets. Brand new beginners are able to play alongside more accomplished hobbyists. When we say “piano is for everyone,” we mean it!

Adult piano classes are always ongoing. Whether you take a break to accommodate a busy work project or take some time off to do some extended travel, you are free to come and go as the demands of your life dictate. You are always able to register for a new session when you’re ready to get back into playing.

What People are Saying About Adult Piano Classes

“Playing the piano has been a blessing. I can come home after a stressful day and play music that helps relax the brain–a sense of peace. …I’m truly blessed.”

Sylvia Perez (1 year in lessons)

“I am just so amazed to see how much music is flowing out of my fingers in such a short time. Learning to play the piano is bringing such a sense of personal accomplishment and joy. I love it! I am so glad I decided to enroll in these classes.”

Candy Villarreal, age 38 (3 months in lessons)

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