Piano lessons don’t have to be boring!

In my studio, piano lessons are more than just playing songs on the piano. Note reading skills are reinforced through theory games and students write their own music through regular composition assignments. Ear training and improvisation skills are taught to encourage creativity and allow students to play things that are much more complex than the notes they are able to read. Sight-reading and accompanying skills are practiced during lessons so that students can use their piano skills in real life.

I subscribe to the belief that the current media-rich generation learns differently and thus requires a different approach from teachers to be successful in learning. Additionally, children naturally learn through play, so I make games and fun a part of the learning process. My goal is to have your child walk into my studio every week with a smile on their face.

While adult learners are able to apply more rational thought to the process of learning music, they also appreciate a variety of different ways in which to learn. The fun doesn’t stop just because you’re an adult! 

I love watching students get excited about becoming a musician! There is something for everyone to excel in.

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