I  host two formal piano recitals every year. They are held at the studio and family and friends are always welcome! Performers dress in their best. The recitals last between 30-45 minutes and are followed by a potluck reception where students can receive their guests while noshing on some goodies.

Each recital has a unique theme and the pieces that students prepare are related to that theme. Memorization is encouraged but not required. I strive to create a performance environment that is calm and safe so that we can build a foundation of performance successes for each student.

ADMTA Festivals

The Austin District Music Teacher Association (ADMTA) hosts five festivals throughout each school year. These performance opportunities are different from recitals. The main difference is that students play their prepared pieces for one adjudicator instead of a room full of people. The adjudicator provides feedback on the student’s performance and gives them a rating: Superior, Excellent, or Very Good. Each performer will receive a participation certificate, a ribbon corresponding to their rating (Blue=Superior, Red=Excellent, White=Very Good), and the adjudicator’s critique sheet.

The festivals are:

  1. Jazz/Pop/Rock
  2. Ensemble (duet-playing)
  3. Hymn
  4. Baroque/Classical
  5. Romantic/Contemporary

The requirements for each festival are each unique, but generally, two pieces are prepared for performance and some of the festivals have memorization requirements.

Festivals are held at the Butler School of Music on the University of Texas campus and there is a small fee to participate. I do not require participation in these festivals but I do encourage them!

Master’s Classes

Periodically, I host a Performance Master’s Class where small groups of students can come together and finesse their performance skills by playing for each other and offering feedback. We generally play a game or two to help us with jitters and we practice contingencies in the event a performance doesn’t go the way we wanted it to. These classes are lots of fun and a student favorite!

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