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Read on to learn about the magic of multilevel group piano classes!

The Many Benefits of Group Piano Lessons

From the moment a student walks through the studio door, they are part of a creative and collaborative music environment.

They quickly learn how to count and master rhythm because they can hear how important it is in order for the ensemble to sound its best.

Their ability to focus grows keener because they learn to play their part while they listen to their classmates play their different parts, and they figure out how to make it all fit together.

They don’t get phased when they make mistakes. They learn to quickly jump back in to the piece when mistakes happen.

Students of different ages and skills interact in harmony, encouraging and helping one another succeed.

Their confidence at the keys grows rapidly through being part of a weekly ensemble.

Students come to class with a smile, eager to greet their friends and make music together, and one of the most-often heard phrases in the studio is “Class is over ALREADY?”


What to Expect from a Multilevel Group Class

The Cadence of Classes

The following recurs every four weeks of class.

Week One:

  • Introduction to a new scale, a new song, and new theory concepts
  • Students begin learning the new song by sight-reading small sections together as a group.

Week Two:

  • Introduction to a second new scale, a second new song, and more theory concepts
  • Students begin learning the new song by sight-reading small sections together as a group.

Week Three:

  • Begin class with a “practice how to practice at home” exercise.
  • Students who have mastered their part in the two ensembles may elect to spend a portion of class working on a solo piece while the rest of the group works on mastery of the ensembles.
  • Class works on the two ensembles in preparation for passing them off the following week.

Week Four: Assessment Day

  • Each student has an opportunity to pass off their scales, portions of the ensembles at their level, and takes a theory quiz to demonstrate understanding of the unit concepts. (Individual pass offs are done for the teacher only while classmates prepare for their assessment with headphones on.)
  • Both ensemble numbers get passed off during class time.


Practice at Home

Practice is not policed. It is expected that each family will find times in their schedule when practice will occur, and that parents will help their students with time management. What that looks like is different for each family and their goals for their student.

Students are provided with a practice tracker in their music book and are encouraged to fill it out when practice occurs, as this data can give each family helpful information about when and how often practice does occur.

The practice that happens at home determines how quickly students will advance through the levels of the Piano Pyramid®.

Students who do not practice, practice sporadically, or practice 2 or fewer days a week can expect to stay at their level for up to two years. 

Students who practice 3-4 days a week generally advance a level each new school year.

Students who practice 5-6 days a week can work on supplemental solos at home in addition to their ensemble pieces, and are generally the students who can challenge for the next level up whenever they feel ready.

 Leveling Up

When a student feels like they are ready to move up to the next level, they schedule a time outside of class to challenge for the next level. This can occur at any time during the school year.



Twice a year, families are invited to come to class for class performances and parties.

Students create their own set list and love sharing the magic of ensemble playing with their families. Families get a kick out of hearing how what their student has been practicing at home fits with all of the other different parts of the ensemble.

What about Private Lessons?

Private lesson slots are reserved for older students, typically teenagers, who want to study piano more seriously and have demonstrated they are able to make consistent progress through 4-6 days of practice at home each week.

Private lesson slots are issued by invitation only.

The General Schedule

Classes are held weekly during the school year from August-May. School breaks are generally observed (see studio calendar here). Classes are held on Monday holidays (Labor Day, MLK Jr. Day, and President’s Day). No classes are held during the summer.

New students are welcome to join a class at anytime during the year, based on availability (see available classes here).

There are no make-up classes if your student needs to miss a class. The best thing they can do if they need to miss is to get some extra practice in at home.


Tuition for group classes this year is $120/month with a yearly $75 registration fee, which covers music and materials.

Tuition is averaged over the school year so that you have the same monthly payment each month, regardless of how many classes are held in a given month.

Invoices are sent out monthly and you can pay them by setting up a bank draft or authorizing a recurring credit card charge.


Here is a short video explaining how tuition is determined.

Are you interested but still have a question or two about group lessons? Please reach out and I would be happy to answer your questions.

What People are Saying About Group Piano Classes

“Ms Mindy is a gifted teacher. My son started in her preschool class and I was amazed by her ability to keep the kids engaged and learning. My son loved the class and looked forward to it each week. This year he is in a group piano class with Ms Mindy and once again I am impressed with her teaching ability and how much my son has grown. He has learned so much and absolutely adores Ms Mindy and her class. Try one of her classes, you won’t be disappointed!!”

Obidia Martinez

“Mindy is such a thoughtful, well-organized, exceptional teacher. She’s so great with kids. She provides structure but keeps it fun. We’ve loved her summer camps & her piano class.”

Robin RIchardson

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