Group Piano Lessons

When you began to look for a piano teacher for your child, you probably began looking for a private teacher.

And why not? A private teacher can customize the experience for your child. Your child will have the teacher’s full attention at every lesson. Your child will be able to learn at his own pace. That’s exactly what you want, right?


While this may be the “norm” for piano lessons, it’s not in your child’s best interest.

Why Group Piano Lessons?

Group lessons offer benefits that dance circles around private lessons as your child starts to learn to play the piano.

Group lessons

  • are more fun! Learning and laughing with friends make lessons something to look forward to!
  • capitalize on positive peer motivation—your child will practice more and with less nagging from you!
  • help your child bypass the fear and stage fright of performing because students are constantly performing in front of each other.
  • allow your child to learn faster AND retain more information. Physical activities, games, and ensemble playing capture your child’s attention better than the lecture style of a private lesson.
  • help your child develop a broader skill set, since a good group lesson program will incorporate ear training, rhythm training, composition, and improvisation. These skills are often brushed over in a private setting because the focus is on getting the child to play music and read notes.
  • make music-making relevant. The vast majority of piano students do not become concert pianists. They will, however, participate in orchestras, bands, choirs, or will simply want to tap into the joy of music making throughout their life, all of which they’ll be able to do with more ease due to the nature of group lessons.

Many group lesson teachers have observed that students who spend their first 2-4 years in group piano lessons have triple or quadruple the skills of those who have spent the same amount of time in private lessons.

After those beginning years in group lessons, when a student transitions to a private teacher, they are more likely to continue in lessons for longer and they will emerge a more accomplished and well-rounded musician. They are also more likely to find joy in making music throughout their lives than those who studied only privately.

Will you give group piano lessons a try?

When and How Much?

Group lessons in my studio are fifty minutes long once a week during the school year.

Tuition for group lessons is $100/month with a yearly $35 registration fee.

Classes begin in August 2019.

Most of my classes are completely full, but I do have a few spots available at the following days and times:

Wednesdays 10:00-10:50 a.m. (Kinder-1st graders), two slots available

Register Now!

I like to take photos and videos of the fun we have in class so I can share with you and others on social media and in my advertising.

Are you interested but still have a question or two about group lessons? Please reach out and I will happily answer your questions.