Customized Online Summer Piano Course

Let’s have some fun this summer with an online piano course, customized just for you**!

**current students only

Each customized course includes:

  • A private consultation to determine the song(s) you’ll learn
  • Music
  • Four lessons containing instruction for mastering the chosen piece(s) of music, pre-recorded and emailed to you on a weekly basis
  • One 15-minute phone call or video chat during the course to clarify instruction or ask for feedback

Cost: $75/course

Register for the course

I will contact you soon to schedule your consult where we will decide what piece(s) to learn. Then I’ll get busy creating your course just for you!


Q: Can I purchase more than one customized piano course?

A: Absolutely! You can purchase as many courses as you’d like over the summer. (I recommend 2 or 3, depending on the songs we pick for you to learn.)

Q: Do I have to purchase a customized piano course for each member in my family who is in lessons?

A: No, you don’t. If family members are on or around the same ability level, you can purchase one course for one or more family members to use. If family members are on different levels, then it would make more sense to purchase one course for each person.

Q: When will the first video be released to me?

A: The first video will go out on June 3rd.

Q: If I finish the course and decide I want another, can I purchase another course during the summer?

A: Yes, you can! I will be unable to film and create a course from June 16th -July 15th, but if you need another course before or after that time, I’ll create another one for you!

Q: I have a preschooler who will start lessons with you in the fall. Is this a good option for them?

A: If you’d like to purchase a course for a preschooler, I would be happy to create a course that will teach them some songs to play without them needing to read the music.

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Adult Group Classes are currently full. Join our waitlist!

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