Mindy is a life-long student of the piano. She plays for pleasure, teaches for the joy of it, accompanies when she can, and serves as a church pianist and organist. She is a member of MTNA, TMTA, and ADMTA.

Mindy specializes in giving kids the skills they need for a lifetime of enjoyment at the piano. If one of her students was to come upon a piano (at a friend’s home, on the street, or even in a fancy hotel lobby), her goal is for that student to be able to sit down and play something beautiful without needing any music in front of them.

Mindy firmly believes that learning comes more easily and naturally when it is enjoyable and fun. She continually seeks for ways to incorporate games, technology, and ensemble playing into each student’s musical journey. Her students are well-rounded musicians.

Adults in her studio build their musical muscles through a movement called Recreational Music Making (RMM). RMM focuses more on the music making experience during each class and less on performance. She loves to get adults back on the bench and show them how easy it is to acquire the skills they need to make music again.

Expressing creativity through music is such a joyful experience and Mindy believes it is one that everyone can experience.

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