2018 Summer Music Camps!

Why Summer Music Camp?

There are lots of good reasons to sign your kiddos up for a summer music camp (Rockin’ Rhythms, Harry Potter’s Magical Music Camp, or Summer Safari Fun).

Music camps make music RELEVANT. A camp environment allows kids to see their peers working on the same skills that they only see in isolation during their private lessons.

Camps for the 6-14 crowd include an ensemble performance at the end of the week, helping kids see how they apply their skills to real life music-making experiences. Most of us will never solo at Carnegie Hall. But most of us will make music in a group one way or another.

It shores up your investment in private music lessons. Music camps help kids relax around music and find joy in making music, two things that easily translate back to their private lessons.

Music camps are a great way to refresh musical concepts if you haven’t been taking lessons for a while.

And let’s be honest. It’s a million degrees outside and you’ve already sweated your way through swimming lessons. Send the kids to my studio and put your feet up in the air conditioned comfort of your home. Enjoy some extra bonus time for you while the kids are learning and having fun!

These camps are designed to enrich any music experience, regardless of teacher or instrument.

Choose from 3 camps this summer!

Rockin’ Rhythms

Harry Potter’s Magical Music Camp

Summer Safari Fun for Preschoolers

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Adult Group Classes are currently full. Join our waitlist!

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