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Learn more about why our wildly popular preschool piano program, group piano classes for kids, and group piano for adults are the hottest things to hit the keys in North East Austin and Pflugerville!

Group piano classes can accommodate multiple levels in the same class

The songs we learn are written at five different levels, and when we put all of the parts together during class, we sound amazing!

This multi-level approach, called Piano Pyramid®, allows brand new beginners to play alongside intermediate players.

With Piano Pyramid®, each individual student is able to progress at their own pace, while reaping the multitude of benefits that come from learning to play the piano in a group.

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Pyramid Piano for Adults

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Why Group Piano?

More Fun!

Learning and laughing with friends make lessons something to look forward to!

Make Music-Making Relevant

Most of us will not become concert pianists. We WILL participate in orchestras, bands, choirs, or will find joy in hobbyist music making. Group piano mimics these experiences.

Learn Faster and Retain More

Physical activities, games, and ensemble playing capture your child’s attention better than the lecture style of a private lesson.

Develop a Broader Skill Set

Private lessons don’t have time for ear training, rhythm training, composition, and improvisation. Group lessons do.

Develop Higher Level of Focus

Students work as a team while they learn to focus on their individual part within an ensemble.

3x Your Investment

Group lesson teachers have observed that students who spend their early years in group piano lessons have 3-4 times the skills of those who have spent the same amount of time in private lessons.

Meet Your Piano Teacher 

Mindy Rawlinson

Mindy Rawlinson

Piano Teacher & Creativity Expert


Mindy specializes in giving students the skills they need for a lifetime of enjoyment at the piano. Learning to play in ensembles is delightful and gratifying for everyone, and students of all ages gain confidence at the keys in rapid fashion.

Mindy’s favorite quote is from Alfred Mercier: “What we learn with pleasure, we never forget” and she has seen this play out time and again, student after student. She continually seeks for innovative ways to incorporate games, technology, and ensemble playing into each student’s musical journey. Her students are well-rounded musicians.

Expressing creativity through music is such a joyful experience and Mindy believes it is one that everyone can experience.

What People Are Saying

“Mindy is such a thoughtful, well-organized, exceptional teacher. She’s so great with kids. She provides structure but keeps it fun. We’ve loved her summer camps & her piano class.”

Robin Richardson

Piano Parent

“I am in my third set of adult piano lessons with Mindy and I am loving my progress and skills so far! Mindy makes it easy to learn, for kids or adults, and I would highly recommend her!”

Erin Jones

Adult Student

“I’m so happy my son can be in group piano with Ms. Mindy. It has truly made him happy to play piano again!”

Crystal Jarvis

Piano Parent

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Adult Group Classes are currently full. Join our waitlist!

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